Past Show Archive

12/30/22: Bouncing Souls, Racist Kramer, The Anchorage/The Depot/SLC, UT
11/6/22: &Kuckles Album Release with Choice Coin/The Beehive/SLC, UT
10/22/22: ATTENTION FEST!/Hangar 24/Irvine, CA
10/21/22: SKA SET! &Knuckles, Housewarming Party, Derek Christensen/The Beehive/SLC, UT
9/9/22: Tiny Stills, Sorry Kyle, MAHD/The Beehive/SLC, UT
5/17/22: Kill Lincoln, The Slackers/The Commonwealth Room/SLC, UT
5/6/22: &Knuckles, 29th of Never/The Beehive/SLC, UT
4/23/22: Pinkshift, MsKing/Kilby Court/SLC, UT
3/5/22: Pears, Mandalore/The Beehive/SLC, UT
2/08/20: Rebel Rebel/Funk n’ Dive Bar/Ogden, UT
1/25/20: Vic Ruggiero, lauren.napier, Folk Hogan, Regan Ashton/The Beehive/SLC, UT
1/10/20: Three%Hero, Fairmont!/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
12/13/19: Punk Rock X-Mas Toy Drive/Starboard Tack/Las Vegas, NV
11/16/19: OC Sellout Fest/Tiki Bar/Costa Mesa, CA
11/15/19: Rebel Holocrons, LaMonta, O’Mulligans/Cafe Colonial/Sacramento, CA
11/7/19: King Niko, Detective Deckard, Housewarming Party/Velour/Provo, UT
11/2/2019: Sportscourt, Sunsleeper, Rebel Rebel/The Beehive/SLC, UT
10/11/19: Masked Intruder, Bomb Pops, Tightwire/Kilby Court/SLC, UT
6/14/19: Jeff Dillon, My New Mistress, Munnin/The Beehive/SLC, UT
6/13/19: The Ataris/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
6/8/19: Lunar Hand, Trash Elf/924 Gilman/San Francisco, CA
6/7/19: Lamonta, The O’Mulligans/The Colony/Sacramento, CA
6/6/19: Odd Robot, Taken Days/Programme Skate and Sound/Fullerton, CA
6/5/19: Watashi Wa Dance Party/Tower Bar/San Diego, CA
6/4/19: Scotty Dub and The Jellyfish/Evel Pie/Las Vegas, NV
6/1/19: Whippin’ Shitties/Mike’s House/Boise, ID
5/31/19: Odd Robot, Pity Party, Fountain View/The Underground/SLC, UT
3/29/19: Problem Daughter, Sunsleeper, T.K. Vanderbilt/The Beehive/SLC, UT
3/24/19: Treefort Music Festival/Boise, ID
3/10/19: Get Married, Murderburgers, Point of The Mountain/The Underground/SLC, UT
2/23/19: Moonraker, Rade, Coma/The Underground/SLC, UT
2/16/19: Rade, Rebel Rebel, Gutter Brains/Rad Shack/Provo, UT
2/9/19: Spobo, Mandalore, Ronik/The Beehive/SLC, UT
1/29/19: The Pink Spiders, Housewarming Party/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
12/2/18: Kitty Kat Fan Club, Problem Daughter, Rebel Rebel/The Underground/SLC, UT
12/1/18: Problem Daughter, Whippin’ Shitties/Deathproof Coffee/Boise, ID
11/30/18: Problem Daughter, Carry On Kid, Thinking Out Loud/The Basement/Rexburg, ID
10/26/18: Punk Rock Halloween: Another Blink set!/The Beehive/SLC, UT
10/17/18: Housewarming Party, Whippin’ Shitties/Provo, UT
10/11/18: RAMONES TRIBUTE NIGHT!/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
10/06/18: Stay Wild, Problem Daughter/The Beehive/SLC, UT
10/04/18: Sunsleeper, Gardenside, Telesomniac/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
09/29/18: Wiretap Records 4 Year Anniversary Party!/The Slidebar/Fullerton, CA
09/28/18: United Defiance, Jerk!, Just Look Around/Double Down Saloon/Las Vegas, NV
6/21/18: ANOTHER BLINK 182 COVER SET!/Metro Music Hall/SLC, UT
6/9/18: Rayner, JERK!/Evel Pie/Las Vegas, NV
6/8/18: Odd Robot/Tower Bar/San Diego, CA
6/7/18: Rebel Holocrons/The Press Club/Sacramento, CA
6/2/18: Urban Outfielders, CMMNWLTH/Rose House/Boise, ID
6/1/18: VINYL RELEASE SHOW w/ The Anchorage, Rival Hive, and Urban Outfielders/The Beehive/SLC, UT
5/3/18: BLINK 182 COVER SET!/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
5/1/18: Peelander Z, 90s Television/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
4/20/18: Scheming Thieves CD Release/The Beehive/SLC, UT
3/30/18: Folk Hogan, Jeff Dillon/Kamikazes/Ogden, UT
3/29/18: Kilby Court/SLC, UT
3/23/18: Treefort Music Festival/Boise, ID
2/25/18: Pick Pocket, Cupidcome, Rival Hive/The Beehive/SLC, UT
2/07/2018: Big O, Captain Nerk, House of Lewis/The Underground/SLC, UT
2/04/2018: The Lillingtons and Detour/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
1/13/2018: Carry On, Kid, Rob Lanterman, Cheshire, Famous Friends/Some Guy’s Garage/Provo, UT
12/28/2017: w/ Scary Uncle Steve at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT
12/22/2017: Hidden Home for The Holidays in Boise, ID
12/17/2017: Mailbox Order and Detour at The Underground in SLC
11/25/17 Silent Miles LP Release at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City, UT
11/22/17: w/ Mom Jeans at The Underground in Salt Lake City, UT
11/18/17: 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA
11/17/17: The Stag Bar in Woodland, CA
11/16/17: Ventura Beach Club in Ventura, CA
11/15/17: Characters in Pomona, CA
11/13/17: Tower Bar in San Diego, CA
11/11/17: Hard Pipe Hitters CD Release at Garth Haus in Las Vegas, NV
11/10/17: Tour Kick Off at Kilby Court in Salt Lake City!
10/13/17: Tuning Out Album Release Show!
07/31/17: Jeff Rosenstock, Laura Stevenson/Kilby Court/SLC, UT
04/22/2017:Problem Daughter, GUTS, Cat Ghost/The Underground/SLC, UT
03/16/17: SLUG Localized w/Scary Uncle Steve, The Avenues/Urban Lounge/SLC, UT
12/9/16: Housewarming Party, Cat Ghost, Dear Boys/Kilby Court/SLC, UT
There’s a bunch of shows from 2016 that we forgot to document! Sorry about that